Brian Gomez Bio

Name: Brian A. Gomez

City: Burbank

Year joined LAMS club: I am not sure, but I think in 2002.

Favorite Subjects: WWII figures, Armor, and especially doing complex
German camo uniforms are my favorites!!

How I got interested in building models: Looking at the cool box art on the
life-like military model boxes and dioramas from Shepherd Paine’s time at
Monogram Models.

First model I ever built: I believe that it was an automobile, from Hawk.

Method of painting I prefer: I use oils and enamel mediums. I still use
drybrushing, along with pin washes.

Most challenging model kit I ever built: It was a 1/9th scale Fallschirmjager
made by Warriors Models. I had Heavy mold lines to remove and “I mean big ones.”

The finished model kit I am most proud of: The ones that I give to my friends.

The worst project I ever did: A 120mm Verlinden Fallschirmjager. I just could not seem to get this done! From funky paint job to foul assembly, I made some bonehead moves on this one! I still have him.

Since joining the LAMS Club I have learned “how to” or “improved”:
I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to learn how to paint faces from Marcelo Fuentes, airbrushing tips from Ken Schwartz, and tech advice from T.P. Schweider. The list of wonderful teachers just goes on and on. Thanks guys!

Name something you would like to build or model that you’ve never attempted: Trumpeter’s 1/16th scale King Tiger with full interior. Jeff Shius’
1/16th scale Fallschirmjager to go with the tank. That would be a sweet Dio!

Did you ever destroy a model? If so, how did you do it? It was a Young Miniatures U.S. Marine WWII. I totally screwed up the paint job on the uniform then tried to remove it with nail polish remover. Not good because it dissolved the resin!

Have you entered any competitions? Yes

If yes, which ones? IPMS Antelope Valley, SCAHMS

Received any Awards or Recognition? (Don’t be modest)I received Pewter, Bronze, and Silver awards from SCAHMS and Third Place from IPMS Antelope Valley.

Every modeler purchases more kits than they can build. How many kits are in the garage, closet, or storage waiting to be built? I have a 1/9th scale Warriors Wehrmacht bust throwing a stick grenade, Dragon’s 1/35th scale Panther Tank, and Dragon’s initial Tiger Tank. Oh, almost forgot Dragon’s 88mm Flak Gun.

What is the best part of the club for you? The friendships, how to clinics, Show and Tell, and the chance to enjoy all the beautiful artwork produced by all the other members is a great experience. In closing, I would like to say that this is an excellent club with great members.