Brian Kreuger Bio

LAMS Club Member
Name: Brian Krueger

City: Eagle Rock

Year joined LAMS club: 2012

Favorite Subjects: WWII ships, Planes, Armor

How I got interested in building models: Watching my dad build balsa wood

First model I ever built: A helicopter…………..I think.

Method of painting I prefer: Airbrush/Enamels

Most challenging model kit I ever built: 1/72 Dragon Hornisse

The finished model kit I am most proud of: 1/700 USS Cushing

The worst project I ever did: Her name was……………

Since joining the LAMS Club I have learned “how to” or “improved”: Hedging my bets in the raffle.

Name something you would like to build or model that you’ve never attempted: WWII Essex Class Carrier

Did you ever destroy a model? If so, how did you do it?  Of course … Firecrackers

Have you entered any competitions? NO

If yes, which ones?

Received any Awards or Recognition? (Don’t be modest)

Every modeler purchases more kits than they can build. How many kits are in the garage, closet, or storage waiting to be built?  About 40 or so

What is the one kit that you’ve searched for that you still can’t find?  Still looking

What is the best part of the club for you? Comradery with the guys.  I also have a nine year old son which led to slot cars which led to building models again after a 30 year hiatus. Photo-Etch and after-market made it a whole different game than it was when I was a kid.