Welcome Los Angeles Miniaturists!
Founded in 2000 by Rick Johnson, Paul Kemp, Peter Ferk, Marcelo Fuentes, Ken Schwartz, Michael Rodriguez and Jeff Cupernell, LAMs is dedicated to providing a haven for Model Builders and Collectors of all kinds in the greater Los Angeles area.

It’s three primary objectives are:

  •     FELLOWSHIP: Meeting fellow miniaturists who share in a common interest.
  •     EDUCATE:  The secrets of airbrushing, painting realistic faces and the mysteries of “weathering”, are some of the techniques that are shared in the monthly demonstrations.
  •     EDIFY:  Promoting miniatures with interesting exhibits on the well represented “Show and Tell” table.

LAMs is home to a wide variety of talented and creative artisans who, once a month, come together to share ideas, showcase their latest masterpieces and enjoy the company of their fellow miniaturists.  Whether you are a master builder or an enthusiastic hobbyist, LAMs has something to offer.

LAMs is an inclusive organization that promotes


All are welcome to come and share in the fun.

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