Greg Mowry Bio

Greg Mowry was born and raised in the Northeast (New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania) and studied theater arts specializing in costume design at Rutgers University before living and working in Manhattan building costumes for many Broadway shows in the ’80’s including Phantom of the Opera and Starlight Express as well as two Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parades.

He came to L.A. in 1989 especially to pursue work in the movies. After cutting his Hollywood teeth working for Bob Mackie and on the TV show “Designing Women”, he graduated to film working on many including Waterworld, Starship Troopers and The Postman. He has also made personal clothing for Paula Abdul and Raquel Welch among others.

In 2000, he left that industry to pursue a career as an independent artist creating his own company, Geppetto Productions and since 2004, has been employed as an independent artist by Sideshow Collectibles as a senior designer/fabricator of their 1/4 scale Premium Format line of statues.

Photo by Ginny Guzman and originally published in a Sideshow Collectibles catalog.