Greg Pierce Bio

Name: Greg Pierce

City: Hawthorne, Calif.

Year joined LAMS Club: 2003 (?)

Favorite Modeling Subjects: fantasy & armor dios, and 54mm-120mm figures

How I got interested in building models: My dad introduced me to them when I was 6 or 7 years old. He would buy and build Revell kits (armor, missiles, ships) for me until I got interested in build them on my own .

First model I ever built: Not sure: possibly a Lindberg Flying saucer, or a Revell PT boat 212 (?), or an armor kit

Most challenging model kit I ever built: Tamiya Strumtiger dio with zimmerit and scratchbuilt interior plus 11 figures;

The finished model kit I am most proud of: Two of the most fun: 80mm Laura Croft diorama with temple base (“Ambush at the Oracle of the Emerald Eye”), or the Horizons 1/20 scale Elamorsaurus dio (“Nessie Gets Annoyed”)

The worst project I ever did: My second (Mark IV tank diorama in which the celluclay groundwork completely warped the wood base (I didn’t water proof the base beforehand);

Since joining the Club I have learned “how to” or “improved”: Groundwork, airbrushing fleshtones, scratchbuilding, figure modifications;,

Name something you would like to build or model that you’ve never attempted: natural metal finish Century series fighter jet (Academy F-89 Scorpion); airbrush a 1/6th scale figure

Did you ever destroy a model? Yes

If so, how did you do it? ; I took a ship model out to the creek by my house and used a concoction from my chemistry set to set it on fire and sink it.

Have you ever entered any competitions? Yes (although now I usually just display models)

If yes, which ones? Local and regional IPMS contests, TamiyaCon, Mastercon, IPMS Nationals, Schams

Received any Awards or Recognition? Best award won: Won a trip to Japan for most creative entry in 1997 from TamiyaCon

Every modeler purchases more kits than they can build. How many kits are in the garage, closet, or storage waiting to be built? Approximately 40-50 kits

What is the one kit that you’ve searched for that you still can’t find? Still looking on EBay for a reasonably priced Revell Atlas missile and launch complex, circa 1958 (I’m a kit collector).

What is the best part of the club for you? The club members, who generously provide advice and share how-to techniques