John Brosnan Bio

Name: John Brosnan aka Johnny Brosnan

City: Beautiful Downtown Burbank via The Bronx.

Year joined LAMS Club: A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away… Actually, I have been a club member from the very first meeting, a Day that will live in Infamy.

Favorite Modeling Subjects: ARMOR: I love machines and tanks are truly way cool machines! I will tackle any subject but prefer to model WWII (especially the Pacific AFVs), amtracs, landing craft and amphibians of any era, as well as Vietnam War subjects. Occasionally, I will also try out Israeli and some modern subjects.

SCI-FI: “2001” “Star Wars” and the original “Star Trek” TV series all had a big influence on me. I remember piles of the old Aurora “2001” Moonbus kit at Shipman’s hobby shop on the Grand Concourse in The Bronx (I could retire to my own island with what I could earn off of EBay with THAT pile ‘o Moonbuse kits!)

Sci-fi kits were not all that easy to come by, so I began experimenting with making my own spaceships and sci-fi props out of found items and kit parts. Shampoo bottles, food containers and product packaging — you name it! No trash has been safe if I thought that I could make a spaceship out of it! The Sanitation people love me — less trash for them to haul away. Long before it was hip to be “Green” I was “garbage modeling”.

OTHER: Since I like to do landing craft, PBRs and such, I guess that means I do BOATS, too. Call me “Captain Stubbing” and I’ll see ya on the Aloha Deck. I also have a few of those “things with wings… What do you call them? “Aero-planes”! I’m still trying to figure out where the turret and treads go on them there AIRCRAFT, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere, right? Got a Saab Draken, AC-47, B-57, and OV-1 Mohawk, waiting in the, ahem, wings. Got some Vietnam-era choppers, too, of course.

How I got interested in building models: The Judge back in Bronx Superior Court said, “You get yourself a hobby, you punk, you, or I’m going to give you one: making license plates.” That was enough for me — “Helllllllo, Monogram!!”

Seriously, my parents indulged me as a kid, hoping to inspire creativity and keep me out of trouble. The South Bronx had a LOT of that to offer.

My Dad first taught me to love trains and later on, how to build models… He was an Army vet and I grew up watching WWII movies with him, so building models and learning about history was a natural fit and a great pastime for us to share. At 44, I feel like I keep him with me when I am building models.

First model I ever built: Monogram’s 1/32nd scale M-3 Lee tank. Ah, those amazin’ Shep Paine full color diorama inserts were truly inspiring! A million different ideas and as a kid I was willing to try anything — at least as far a modeling went…

Most challenging model kit I ever built: It’s a bit touchy and I’m still in re-hab over the most challenging kit, so my lawyer has advised me not to speak about it…

Almost ANYTHING by AFV Club seems to make me nuts… I LOVE the subjects they pick for their kits, but their kit engineering can really annoy the carp out of me. And come to think of it, I remember how the suspension to their M35A2 deuce and a half truck reduced me to an unending string of angry profanity — and that’s saying a lot from a New Yorker!

The finished model kit I am most proud of: My Tamiya 35th scale PBR. I put a lot of blood sweat and tears into that kit and I think it shows it. My wife, who is a graphic artist, made Lance’s stolen surfboard and it was cool that she could use her skills to contribute. I respectfully replied “No” to her suggestion of hanging some 35th scale lace doileys off of the M60s amidships.

The worst project I ever did: Anything involving figures! I rarely do crew figures for my tanks I’m so intimidated. Talk about “The Agony of Defeat” but I have not given up and will get past my fear.

Pretty much every project has an “oops”: finger print in the plastic, sanded off detail, broken or lost parts which must be fixed or scratchbuilt. As Yoda might say, “Always learning, I am.”

Since joining the Club I have learned “how to” or “improved”: I think my interpretive dance skills, animal calls and hand puppetry performances have really come around — thanks, LAMS!

Seriously, my approach to painting has evolved quite a bit. The amazing painters who’s work I get to see and ask questions from every month have helped me to look at painting in a different way. I’ve got a long way to go, but at least I’m on the road, ya know?

And being around talented people like Ken Schwartz, Marcelo Fuentes, Pete Ferk, Greg Pierce, Dave Whitford, Jack Hernandez and master scratchbuilder, Mike Armstrong has been amazing — these guys and so many others in the club have inspired me and encouraged me to be a better modeler on all fronts!! And there are WAY too many others that I have not even mentioned. I am blown away by the talent in this club — so much so that I have taken to wearing Kevlar to the meetings…

That’s the awesome thing about this club: whether it is an armor subject, sci fi kit or a space ship that I have cobbled together from kit parts and an old athletic supporter, the level of appreciation and support is alwys the same! Nobody looks down on anyone else’s work, even if it is a non-mainstream subject or not up to the museum-quality work so many of the folks in our club do!

Name something you would like to build or model that you’ve never attempted: Well, I’m happily married, so I will keep it clean…

The short list: I need to learn how to cast parts, how to solder, and how to light my models without melting the model or burning the house down.

Oh, and I need to learn to paint figures, too. Seeing all of the figure painting talent in the club can be downright intimidating at times, but I gotta bite the bullet. I’ll just have to start with a smaller caliber bullet, capish?

And I also need to finish a diorama or vignette, whichever comes first.

Lastly, I have a few kits that I need to build that I KNOW are going to take some time because a) I don’t want to screw them up and b) they are going to take some work and c) I am not sure if my skills are quite there yet. Those kits would be a 1/32 Fisher Models F9F-5 Panther, a 1/35th scale Nimix Riverine Monitor (Vietnam), and a rare AEF Designs “Alien” Nostromo kit.

Did you ever destroy a model? Yes. Claudia Schiffer was CRUSHED when I turned her down. I don’t think that she has ever recovered, the poor girl.
(Webmaster thinks this is hilarious btw…lol)

If so, how did you do it? I left a Post-It on her apartment door back in Berlin. Seemed like the best way to go at the time.

A couple of years ago, I built and detailed the Trumpeter LAV-25 kit, putting a fair amount of work into it. I managed to freehand a nice three-color NATO camo scheme, laid down a coat of Future, added decals AND THEN… Instead of using Testor’s Dullcote, decided to use Tamiya Flat Clear Base. Little did I know that it would NOT leave my model flat like I expected but INSTEAD GLAZED with a sugary white coat as if it just emerged from the donut conveyor belt at Krispy Kreme. Oh well, ya live and ya learn… Tasted pretty good, though!

Have you ever entered any competitions? Yes. I won the student bake-off in 7th grade with my “Panzer Pound Cake”.

If yes, which ones? Tamiya Con, SCHAMS, LAMS (WWII), Herb Deeks and an some on-line contest…

Received any Awards or Recognition? I took a first place at Tamiya con in the ships 1/72nd scale or larger in 2003 for my 35th scale PBR patrol boat. Having put a lot of extra work and detail into the kit, I was very proud of that day! Pretty cool that my wife, Pam, was there to share that moment — she is incredibly supportive of my hobby.

I was lucky enough to take a couple of first place awards at one of Herb Deek’s mini-shows for a WWII subject (LVT-(A)1 Amtrac) and a “Star Wars” Trade Federation hover tank. The latter also took a second place award in an ol-line sci fi modeling contest as well.

But it has been years since I have competed. I would like to have something ready for the Pasadena show and possibly SCHAMS in early 2009, but don’t quote me on that!

Every modeler purchases more kits than they can build. How many kits are in the garage, closet, or storage waiting to be built? Oh, my, let me get the slide rule… Just off-hand, I’d guess that I have 75 to 125 kits ALL waiting to be built! I do “buy to build” and really don’t buy to collect or re-sell.

As you get older and accumulate responsibilities (wife, son, house, gambling addiction), you find less and less time to indulge your hobby and build kits. Family always comes first, so the kit stash continues to grow, far exceeding the time and ability to keep up.

That being said, these days I make my new kit purchases very selectively, so I try to keep a handle on the growing kit hoard. Plus the cost for the high-voltage fencing, the German Shepherds, and ex-Delta Force security detail to protect the styrene stash can really bite into the monthly budget.

What is the one kit that you’ve searched for that you still can’t find?
A 1:1 scale Holy Grail, for starters.

I would love to lay my paws on an original Aurora “2001” Moonbus kit — of course, I’d have to hit the lottery ta do so! I have fond memories of building that kit as a kid and the design is still cool to this day.

About six years ago, I saw this amazing sculpt of one of the Nostromo crew in their spacesuit from “Alien”. Wow! It was just an incredible piece of work!! I was out bid on EBay and alas, have never seen it again.

What is the best part of the club for you? Hands down it is the people. Being able to “talk shop” about the hobby is a great thing. Being able to learn from such generous and talented and good folks is a truly awesome thing. But for me, the best part of the club is that I have made some amazing friends here. I love to talk about the hobby, but you just can’t beat the people in this club, unless maybe, you had like a giant baseball bat or something.

Lastly, to anyone reading this, DO NOT think that the friendships and camaraderie that we have already established means that we are a closed clique and are not open to new members and new friendships. The opposite is true! We’ve got new members walking in the door all the time, so come join in the fun!!!