Marcelo Fuentes Bio

Name: Marcelo Antonio Fuentes

City: North Hollywood, California

Year joined LAMS club: from the very beginning in Rick Johnson’s living room. We were discussing what to name the club that we were going to create.

Favorite Subjects: WWII Figures, Armor, and Aircraft, Native American, Automobiles, WWI Aircraft, SF3D Sci-Fi

How I got interested in building models: My Dad used to build WWII Aircraft, he taught me how to build, prep and paint. He also told me that he would buy me a new model for every Home Run I would hit. 12 Dongers in 1 season was a record for little league. And it was all due to Models. Pop’s then changed the deal to 1 model for every 3 dongers; I had to renegotiate my contract.

First model I ever built: I think it was a very old Richard Petty stock car, can’t remember the actual model kit.

Method of painting I prefer: Airbrushing, Hand painting Vallejo acrylics and oil washes. I like to experiment with the new materials that are always coming out as well.

Most challenging model kit I ever built: Poste Militaires “Blood Warrior”

The finished model kit I am most proud of: Poste Militaires “Blood Warrior”

The worst project I ever did: DML’s T80 MBT, The worst model kit ever!! Since joining the LAMS Club I have learned “how to” or “improved”: I have learned to be very careful with what I say! Rough crowd. On a serious note, I am trying to improve on my very limited sculpting abilities.

Name something you would like to build or model that you’ve never attempted: WWI Aircraft, an Albatros from wing nut wings sounds like a lot of fun. I have never really tried to build a highly detailed and weathered WWI aircraft.

Did you ever destroy a model? If so, how did you do it? I recently destroyed a Tamiya 1/48 Messerschmitt me109, threw it against the freakin wall. When I was a kid I used to race my stock cars in the backyard 1/25 scale racetrack and set them on fire when they had a bad crash. Good times.

Have you entered any competitions? Sometimes

If yes, which ones? SCAHMS, MMSI, Matercon 7, Valleycon.

Received any Awards or Recognition? Some

Every modeler purchases more kits than they can build. How many kits are in the garage, closet, or storage waiting to be built? More than most Hobby Shops, and I am not kidding.

What is the one kit that you’ve searched for that you still can’t find? AMT Richard Petty’s Dodge Dart.

What is the best part of the club for you? I love everything about the club, the camaraderie between fellow artisan’s, the show and tell, the meeting of new artist that are on their way up, watching average artist become exceptional artist. Sharing my many years of trial and error with new modeler’s to help them reach their goals sooner rather than later. The demonstrations from fellow modelers. Going to lunch with the members after the meetings. Writing the newsletter, buying the raffle items for the club, prepping for the local and not so local shows, the supporting of other clubs, and of course, our bitchin Website!