Duane Pfister Memorial by Hal Sanford

Long-time modeler Duane Pfister passed away in his sleep in May, 2010. He was given a military funeral. Although diabetes prevented him from traveling to his beloved model contests during his final years, he had already created memories for many with decades of his unique models, informative magazine articles, and an impressive mountain of awards for modeling excellence. Duane was a wonderfully creative and artistic soul. He enjoyed expressing himself with unique, scratch built models and dioramas. He used to say, “Just give me a picture, a box of wheels, and some plastic garage sale signs and I’ll make something different.” As great a modeler as he was, if you knew him, you will remember him even more as a wonderful friend.

Duane, an Army veteran, actually served in Verdun, France in the 1950s with fellow modeler Bob Letterman. Although Duane didn’t become seriously involved in modeling until the early 1980s, once that passion sparked, a bonfire erupted. His job as a free- lance graphic artist gave him flexible hours so he could devote significant time to his modeling passion. He enjoyed attending local, regional, and national contests. He constantly absorbed and developed new techniques and for his novel projects. He shared his considerable insight in over 100 articles published in Scale Modeler Magazine and Military Modeler Magazine. He also created and published over 100 cartoons that delighted many, both modelers and militaria collectors. His models were purchased by enthusiasts and recognized with awards at competitions. At one point in the early 1990s, IbelievehehadwonmoreIPMSnationalawardsthananyothermodeler.

Severaltimes, he was elected President of IPMS Orange County. He was also elected Grand Marshal by his peers at a St. Louis Mastercon convention. Duane even hosted a cable television show that featured him interviewing guests about collecting, building, and painting scale models. In terms of modeling, Duane did it all. He will be fondly remembered. Duane, may you rest in peace.

Hal Sanford
IPMS #22213

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