Harlan’s Visit

LAMs opened the year with a bang! We were honored to have at our January meeting none other than famed American writer, essayist, and collector of finely painted miniatures Harlan Ellison (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harlan_Ellison).

His periods range from the Ancients to Medieval, though he does have some fine examples of other periods. This is Harlan’s first visit to LAMs though he has “threatened” to drop by from time to time to see whats on the tables. He brought with him a couple of examples from his collection, a spectacular St. Petersburg Collection Carthaginian War Elephant that was given to him by Robin Williams,(yes, that Robin Williams), who, incidentally is also a collector of connoisseur figures. Harlan also brought along the Andrea Miniatures, WWI Machine Gun Nest that I’d painted for him….he claims that it’s the jewel of his collection., (hard to believe after seeing the War Elephant), but who am I to dispute such a fine collector as Harlan.

After introductions, we went on with the Show and Tell portion of the meeting. Harlan was intrigued by all of the wonderful pieces on display and was delighted with the reception he received from the group as he went on to talk a little about himself and his collection. After walking the St. Petersburg Elephant around amid the Oohs and Ahhh’s Harlan sat and chatted with the members and watched with rapt attention to the demo on groundwork given by Carson Van Osten.

Unfortunately, Harlan had to leave before the end of the meeting and missed a great raffle, he did, however, walk away with an original Van Osten piece.
On his way out, Harlan expressed his gratitude to the club for the warm welcome he received and promised that he’d be back.















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