Space Shuttle Endevour

A Day at the California Science Center

On January 6, 2013 I spent the day at the California Science Center in downtown LA as abelated birthday gift.The point of the trip was to see the Cleopatra exhibit, and the spaceshuttle Endeavour (Orbiter Vehicle OV105).I couldn’t get photos of the Cleopatraexhibit, but here are the photos of the space shuttle.The Endeavor is in temporaryhousing until the permanent building is finished.The exhibit begins with a walkthroughof things related to the shuttle including tires that show wear from a landing, a cookingunit, items that were brought into space on one of the last missions, a flight simulator,and ends with a video of Endeavor’s trip through the streets of Los Angeles.At the endof the video, you are allowed to enter the structure that holds Endeavor currently.Hereare the photos of my day (which were taken by myself and my step father).Enjoy hopethey are of use.I plan to follow this with a write up of the Academy space shuttle kit.





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